Common Dishwasher Problems We Fix. 
  • Dirty Dishes.
  • Not Draining The Water.
  • Won't Fill With Water.
  • Dishes Are Still Wet, Not Drying.
  • Control Panel Is Dead. 

Dishwasher Repair.

Clean dishes by hand? What's that?

As a millennial, I can feel confident in saying that there's not much worse than having to hand wash a bunch of dishes (joke intended). With how efficient modern dishwashers are, it seems like you use a bunch more water when you hand wash them, as well as the dreaded "dish hands" you get after having your hands soaking in dirty, soapy water. With that being said, don't live with a broken dishwasher. Instead, lets get it repaired. 

Dish washers are pretty simplistic when you get down to it. There isn't much that can break down. However, that doesn't mean they don't break. Although there is just a motor to wash the dishes, a pump to remove the water, a water valve and a control, there still is the chance that something might break. If you're having a problem with it not draining, washing or starting, Sargent's can definitely get you up and running again. Our technicians are great at what they do, and they hate to see you struggling with dish hands.  

When it comes to the everyday operation of your dishwasher, there are a few things that I would like you to keep in mind. A few years ago, the government made it to where dish soap manufacturers had to remove a chemical called phosphate from their soaps. This chemical made it to where you had a perfect dry on most of your dishes. Now a days, you may notice that your dishes come out wetter than they used to. That is because of this change. What you need to do to combat this is the use of a rinse aid, like jet dry or some other product. When used correctly, these products will help you with the drying of your dishes. 

Another thing I want you to keep in mind is how you're loading it. Where and how you place certain items can really affect how clean your dishes come out. Lets say you put something tall in front of the soap dispenser, there is a chance that the tall item will make it to where the soap door can't open fully, which doesn't allow that soap to be washed out fully. Little changes and paying attention can go a long way in how your dishes come out at the end if the cycle.  

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