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    Are you looking for an appliance repair service in Reno NV. or Sparks NV? You have come to the right place. At Sargent's Maytag we give you the attention and personal service you deserve and that you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We also offer the best selection in town for rebuilt, clearance  and "scratch and dent" appliances plus we also do our own service on everything we sell. Our rates are competitive, fair and we always have you, the customer, in mind. We're here to help you every step of the way. Sargent's Maytag has been located in our area since 1974. Let us put our experience to work for you. We offer Appliance Sales, Parts and Appliance Repair in the Reno NV., and Sparks NV area in addition to Same Day Installation and Same Day Service.

    If you are in need of any appliance service in the Reno Sparks area, click the links below, and we will get you taken care of.


    washer and dryer repair videos

    Washer Repair Service Reno Sparks NV

    Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your washer? Fill out this form or ☏ Click to CALL ☏ to have one of our staff members contact you about your issue.

    • Your Washer is leaking water
    • The Washer has oil dripping from the bottom or appearing inside the tub
    • Your Washing machine is out of balance or moving around a lot
    • Very poor wash quality
    • You need general washer maintenance


    appliance repair reno

    Dryer Repair Service Reno Sparks NV

    Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your dryer? Fill out this form or ☏ Click to CALL ☏ and we will get in contact with you about your dryer.

    • Dryer not heating or it's just warm
    • Dryer taking too long to dry things
    • Lint build up inside dryer or outside of house
    • You needs someone to clean the vents because it's a fire hazard
    • Dryer has a squeaking, scraping or other loud noise


    appliance repairs

    Dishwasher Repair Service Reno Sparks NV

    Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your Washer? Fill out this form or ☏ Click to CALL ☏ and a staff member at Sargents will get in contact with to get your dishwasher figured out, fixed and back into action.

    • Dishwasher not starting
    • Dishwasher has poor wash, not washing dishes
    • Water leaking on floor in front of dishwasher
    • Foul or funky odor
    • General dishwasher maintenance


    appliance service

    Refrigerator Repair Service Reno Sparks NV

    Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your refrigerator? Fill out this form or ☏ Click to CALL ☏ and our office staff will get back to you about repairing your refrigerator.

    • Refrigerator not cooling
    • Freezer cold but refrigerator is not
    • Refrigerator has no ice production
    • Bad tasting water, not dispensing water
    • Refrigerator needs a new filter
    • General refrigerator maintenance


    service near me

    Range Repair Service Reno Sparks NV

    Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your Range? Fill out this form or ☏ Click to CALL ☏ and a we will contact you about repairing your range, wall oven or stove.

    • Range taking too long to preheat
    • Oven not getting up to temperature
    • Cooktop not working
    • Igniters not working
    • Oven smells like burning while in operation

    Check out our appliance service videos to see some awesome board repairs that our master appliance technicians have done in the past. If you are in need for top rated appliance service repair, don’t be afraid to go to a small family owned appliance shop. We have the history, knowledge, staff and most importantly, the time to take care of all your service needs.

    Sargents is a self servicing dealer, that means our factory trained technicians repair the appliances purchased from our store. You should not expect to see us much however because we pre-screen our appliances before we sell them. This means we verify the quality of the products we are putting in your home.

    In the cases where you did not buy the home appliance from us, there is still no need to worry because we repair all brands and service the entire Reno / Sparks, NV., area. Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana, Kitchenaid, Jenn Air, Magic Chef, GE, Hot Point, Frigidaire, LG, Samsung and Kenmore, we repair them all.

    When it comes to appliance repair or appliance service, Sargent's Maytag is one of the oldest and the top rated businesses in town. We have been in the area since 1974, and know a thing or two about fixing things right the first time and making customers happy.


    Appliance repair in Reno, NV.

    Appliance repair has come a long way in the last 10 or 20 years, with the introduction of more electronic parts versus mechanically driven parts. Some appliance brands like Samsung and LG have been manufacturing great electronics, for a long time but may not have a long track record in the mechanical area when compared to other appliance makers like Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchenaid and Amana. Whirlpool and Maytag in particular, have been manufacturing appliances for over 100 years. Maytag opened their doors in 1893, and Whirlpool opened up their operation in 1911. Combined, they have the skills to make great appliances and the long history to back it up. Sargent’s Maytag stays current with all the manufacturers offerings to ensure our ability to perform repairs on all makes of appliances correctly, and efficiently.

    We understand there are so many different appliance service companies in town and that makes it hard to choose the right one. If you need a refrigerator service or some kind of refrigeration repair, which service company has the best reputation and skills to repair your refrigerator? Are all the companies in town able to perform sealed system repairs like compressor change outs and recharges or can they diagnose complex repairs like electronic controls? The reality is, there are a lot of good appliance technicians in this area and there are also a lot of "generic wrench turners" who have been hired by large companies that need bodies to meet the workload demand. Sargent’s has a long process that we take in order to teach and prepare our service technicians, so when they visit the customer’s house, they are professional and prepared to repair appliances correctly the first time. Our appliance technicians are trained on how to correctly read wiring schematics and use a digital multi-meter and they have many other job skills, so there are not too many dishwasher repairs, washer repairs, dryer repairs or much we haven’t seen before. In many cases, our technicians have a great idea on how to repair your broken appliance before we even get there. We also like to take the next step by diagnosing electronic failures down to the component, so you don’t have to buy expensive electronic control boards and your experience is economical.

    We Can Fix it.

    Sargents is your local appliance repair service and also the same day installation pro's

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    We have actual trained and professional technicians who are experienced in appliance repair and do a great job.


    Call us and we can have someone out to service your appliance in a very short time. We even do SAME DAY INSTALLATION

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    We have been Reno-Sparks appliance repair professionals since 1974. We sold "Gammy" her washer.

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    Looking for an Appliance Repair Store Near You?
    We're never more than short drive away and we service and repair kitchen appliances as well as laundry appliances like washers and dryers.  As a matter of fact, we will come to you! If you have a Refrigerator repair, Dishwasher repair or even an Oven or Stove repair that are needed, then call Sargents of Reno-Sparks. Our factory trained technicians can even get to you on the same day, in most cases. We even do same day installation for appliances purchased from us. You can rest assured that we will be there with the help you need and the right skills to service your appliances. We have been the local household appliance repair store that you can trust since 1974.