Common Refrigerator Problems We Fix.
    • No Cool. 
    • Leaking Water. 
    • Freezer Is Cold, Refrigerator Is Warm. 
    • No Ice.
    • Noisy While Running. 
    • General Maintenance. 

    Refrigerator Repair.

    It's cool to be cold, but it's really lame if your refrigerator is warm

    Refrigerators are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in our house. It helped bring us into the current state of our world. Now, people can eat more nutritious foods because now we can keep them longer, without having to preserve them in a way that loses a good portion of the nutrients and flavor. Something that a lot of people don't realize is how sophisticated the refrigerator is. The whole process of creating cold air is one of the largest feats of engineering in the common era. With all this sophistication, comes the need for repair technicians that know what they are doing so you don't have to throw out perfectly good food when your refer breaks. 

    Sargent's Maytag has refrigeration techs that have HVAC and college education under their belts to help them correctly and efficiently diagnose what is wrong. When it comes to fixing refrigeration, we have been in a constant state of learning because refrigerators are in a constant state of innovation. What used to be a simple box that cools, has now turned into a multi function device. In modern models, you have ice and water dispensers, independent cooling areas that help reduce moisture and increase the longevity of your food. In some models there are even cameras so you can remotely inspect the inside of your refrigerator when you're at the grocery store. Not to mention LED lights, WiFi, coffee makers and tablets. They really have come a long way. With all these new features and innovations, the modern tech better be prepared to effectively diagnose what is wrong, or you the consumer will be left without edible foods.  

    When it comes to repairs on refrigerators, there's not too much that we can't do. We are able to do high end repairs like compressor exchanges and sealed system repairs, as well as easy repairs like fans or cleaning the condenser coil. If you are in need of a professional company to correctly repair your refer, call us today and we'll get you taken care of. 

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