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We Repair Washing Machines.

    If you are in need of a washer repair, Sargent’s Maytag is your place. We have been serving the Reno, Sparks area for over 45 years and have know how to fix your broken down washing machine. If it’s leaving water in the clothes, sounding funny and just not starting at all, we can dispatch our technicians to your house to get your washer up and running, fast. Don’t wait weeks to get a technician out that needs his laptop to get it running. Our confident staff is factory trained in how to use the right tools to get your clothes clean again.

Sick or Broken Clothes Washer?
Here is a list of common washer problems we see:
  • Water left in the tub or in clothes after the cycle. Not draining.
  • Loud in spin or during agitation. Noisy or bad bearing.
  • Black marks or residue left on clothes.
  • Won't start the wash cycle.
  • Water on floor. Flooding, leaking.
  • Not locking or unlocking the lid.
  • Filling with water but not finishing the cycle. Won't agitate.
  • Not filling with water. Slow fill.
  • Smells foul or stinky.

     How do I know if I'm hiring the right tech to service my washing machine? Like most newer consumer products, appliances are becoming more and more complicated. One of my favorite phrases is, more innovation equals less life, and that holds very true with most things. In the washer world, it’s especially true. With the addition of more consumer features like Wi-Fi connectivity, larger capacity tubs and faster spin speeds, comes the addition of more parts or different parts from what came on older, longer lasting units. With the Wi-Fi connectivity, comes more control boards, and specifically, controls with antennas, as well as software to run the feature and the need to know how to diagnose home internet signals. Larger tubs and faster spin speeds need more robust transmissions and bearings to support the additional load. People always ask, why did my 20 year old machine last so much longer than this new machine I bought? It usually has to do with the larger capacity drums that the newer machines come with. 15 years ago, the largest capacity you could get, would be 3.8 cubic foot. Now-a-days, machines can be as large as 5 cubic foot. When it comes to technicians repairing these items, you need someone who knows their way around electrical and mechanical components. A technician must be able to use both electronic checking meters for diagnosing faulty electronics, and conventional tools to disassemble and repair mechanical parts. If you have one skill and not the other, then you may be left with a partially or poorly repaired appliance. The technicians at Sargent’s are trained both from the factory and our service manager so they will be able to utilize all their skills in order to diagnose, disassemble and repair your units correctly, so you don’t have unnecessary down time due to faulty repairs. We pride ourselves on the fact that our techs have a very long and rigorous training regiment. We never have and will never send a technician out that has no training by our own staff. We want to make sure our team follows our lead in customer satisfaction and appliance repair so we can guarantee continuity between our staff. We want to make sure that our staff believes in our dream and buys into our business model, so everyone has a say and vested interest in how things operate.    

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We Repair Clothes Dryers

     Are you in need of a dryer repair but don't know who to call? Sargent's can send a knowledgeable tech out to repair your clothes dryer. We carry parts on our truck to repair some common problems. If it's noisy, not heating or taking too long to dry, we can get you taken care of quickly. We've been doing appliance repair for over 45 years and we know what we're doing. Don't get scammed by someone who learned from YouTube videos. Our staff is factory trained and has the right tools to get you drying clothes again. 

Dryer Giving You The Cold Shoulder?
Here is a list of common dryer problems we see:
  • No heat or little heat. Not drying the clothes.
  • Loud or squealing sound while operating. Bad bearing.
  • Drum not tumbling. Bad belt.
  • Grinding sound when you press the start button. 
  • Not starting. Push to start button not working. 
  • Door won't close correctly.
  • Inside of drum is damp.
  • Lint or moisture inside laundry room. Clogged vent. 
  • Burning rubber smell. 
        When it comes to servicing your clothes dryer, what is something you should look for in a technician? With all the videos on the internet, how do you know that you're getting someone that actually knows what they are doing and not just someone who is good at following instructional videos? The first clue is what kind of tools does your tech show up to your house with? When repairing something like a drying machine, you'll need to be familiar with a voltage meter, as checking voltage at many different places is something that will need to be done to ensure you are replacing the right part. I've seen too many times. "techs" jumping on their computer so a remote entity can help them figure out what is wrong. Even worse, they'll take the advice of this remote person for face value and just replace the part they recommended without doing any diagnostic work themselves. When it comes to your clothes dryer, there are several different parts that could cause it to fail and not heat correctly. A lot of people think that if it is not heating, it has to be the element. In reality, there are at least 3 different components that could fail that could cause a no heat situation. Shot gunning, (defined when a technician guesses or replaces parts without actually diagnosing the faulty parts) is a huge problem in our industry because there is such a demand to get things repaired fast so you can get onto your next job. At Sargent's, we purposely give our techs the "right" amount of service calls to eliminate the need to rush a repair. We do this to ensure our road technicians have sufficient amount of time to complete each call correctly, with out rushing. Unfortunately, there are many other companies out there that don't follow that philosophy because there is more money to be made if you do more calls, and most people don't want to work 12 hour days.   

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Appliance Repair in Reno NV. - Same Day Service available*.

Appliance Repair Service in Reno NV.

Dishwasher Repair

There are things that can go wrong with your Dishwasher and we know how to fix it. We can have a repair person on-site shortly! Do any of the following Dishwasher symptoms ring a bell or do any of the questions apply to your scenario?

  • Got "No power"?
  • Do you need someone to repair the "Door Switch"?
  • Does the "Timer" need to be replaced?
  • Is "No Water" a problem?
  • What about a "Partially Closed Shut-Off Valve"?
  • Is your water "Temperature", too cold?
  • Does your Dishwasher leak onto the floor?
  • Is the "Pump" going bad or is the belt worn?
  • Is it just clogged with "Calcium Deposits" or is something else wrong with it?
  • Does the "Drain Solenoid" need to be replaced?

It's okay if this all sounds complicated, because you are not a technician. We have trained technicians who are experienced and we have the parts to fix your appliance today if you are in the Reno-Sparks, NV area. We have the right "Selector Switch", "Shut-Off Valve", "Spray Arm Assembly", "Drive Belt" and more than likely anything else your Dishwasher might need to get repaired and working again. On top of all that we are local so we are near you. Simply fill in this form and we will call you back.

Dryer Repair

Gas Dryers and Electric Dryers have different needs and can be very hard to fix unless a trained technician from Sargents Appliance Repair gets involved. Problems that might occur appear below. See if any of them sound familiar to you.

  • There is "No Heat" or It seems like it takes too long to dry stuff.
  • Your "Circuit Breaker" trips every time you dry clothes and you need to know why.
  • Is the "Door Switch / Actuator Lever broken and should the whole assembly be swapped out?
  • Did the "Thermal Fuse" burn out from overheating?
  • Does someone need to break out a "Multi-Meter and check voltages or continuity?
  • Is your "Coil Igniter" glowing but your "Gas Valve" still stays closed?

You are correct again and it is recommended to have a qualified appliance repair person (formerly "Repairman") perform the troubleshooting needed to figure out if your "Cycling Thermostats" inside the dryer are broken. We do not expect you to figure it out but we do suggest you fill out this form so we can call you about it.

Washer Repair

As far as problems go in the appliance repair world, "Washers" are at the top of the reliability stack and as you already know a MAYTAG Repair Person is usually bored. However, if your washer is on the blink or for some reason has stopped working then you need to get it repaired. We repair washers fast. Some of the things we can take care of might sound familiar to you so take a look below and see if they do.

  • The classic "No Power" situation but you already "checked the plug".
  • No "Hot Water"in the washer  but your shower and the faucets around the house are working just fine.
  • It fills up and then the water drains out at the same time!
  • The "Water Pump" doesn't do anything and now I have dirty smelly water in the washer, help!
  • So which one is it, "Frozen Pulley" or a "Broken Impeller"?
  • Is the "Lid Switch Assembly" broken?
  • The "Top Door" won't stay up and freaks out my Baby when it slams unless I hold it!
  • What is a "Coin Trap" and why is mine clogged?

Okay, so we had a little fun there towards the end but you get the point. We are the top appliance repair service in Reno NV. We have been here since 1974 when we sold your Grandmother her unit and you can ask her if we are good people who get the job done correctly. All you need to do is fill in the form and we will call you to fix your appliances.

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators are one of the items we take for granted. Everything is great, until your ice maker isn't making ice or your food suddenly feels like its been sitting on the counter all day. No matter what the issue is, and trust us there can be a ton, you only need to call Sargents Maytag. Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Little or no cooling capacity.
  • No ice unless its from the grocery store and manually added.
  • Loud noises like that one family member (you know the one).
  • What the heck is a compressor, and does it really cost that much to repair?
  • Grandpa says my refer needs "Freon" (hopefully not). Do you charge refrigerators?

No matter what you or your household come up with, we've either seen it, or are prepared to figure it out. All you need to do is fill in the form and we will call you to fix your appliances.

Appliance repair in Reno, NV. Same Day Service.

*Same Day Service subject to schedule and availability.