Common Washer Problems We Fix.
  • Loud Spin Bearing. 
  • Leaking Water. 
  • Out Of Balance. 
  • Not Filling With Water.
  • Not Draining The Water. 
  • Clothes Not Coming Out Clean. 
  • Noisy While In Operation. 
  • Draining The Water, But Not Spinning The Clothes Dry.
  • Foul Odors. 
  • General Maintenance.

Washer Repair

Sick, broken or in need of maintenance? We do that. 

Clean clothes are one of those things that can truly make or break you day. If you have a broken washing machine, it could really put a damper on your day. Adversely, if you have a closet full of clean clothes and you get the choice of all your favorite items, you might have an awesome day. The problem most of us find, is how do you find a reputable service company that knows what they're doing and will put in the work needed to get our products running again? 

At Sargents Maytag, we know what we're doing and we are always bettering ourselves to ensure we stay up with the times. Our service techs are professionally trained by the factory and our resident master technician. We have the tools needed to do the job correctly and efficiently and aren't afraid to take on jobs some other companies shy away from. 

Bad bearing need replacement? Not an issue. Need a transmission put into your old Maytag dependable care? If you're willing to invest the money into it, we're willing to do the work. Have water leaking all over the place? Save your floor and lets get that water leak taken care of. 

No matter the problem, we can correctly diagnose and repair your machine. Rest assured, you've found your go to appliance company with Sargents Maytag. 

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