Common Dryer Problems We Fix.
  • No Heat.
  • Won't Turn On. 
  • Squeaking Or Other Loud Noises. 
  • Taking Too Long To Dry. 
  • Black Smudges Or Tears. 
  • General Maintenance. 

Clothes Dryer Repair.

Loud, broken or Blowing Cold Air? We Got You.

If you've ever line dried clothes, you know that it's really not ideal. If it's windy, you're chasing your stuff down the street. If you don't add the right product, your clothes get stiff and "crunchy". It's just not ideal. That's why they invented clothes dryers. Fast, efficient and much better than hanging your clothes outside for everyone to see. But like with all things mechanical, they have the potential to break down.

Sargents Maytag has factory trained techs that are so good at repairing dryers, they could probably do it blind folded, but please don't ask them to do that. Whether it's a dryer that's not heating, starting, turning or just noisy, we can get you up and running quickly. We only use factory specified, OEM parts when possible. If we can't find the original part, we will try and source you the best quality, cheapest part. 

Have you had problems with a tech in the past that misdiagnosed or botched your dryer repair? Our techs are put through a rigorous training program where our head technicians spend time with them daily, explaining the theory of how dryers work and the best way to go about diagnosing and repairing everyday problems.

If you or someone you know is in need of something to dry their clothes, please contact us today so we can get you taken care of as soon as possible. 

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