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We proudly service the Reno-Sparks community, offering unparalleled expertise and phenomenal customer service. At Sargent's, we go beyond the ordinary, specializing in the repair of all home appliances with a level of mastery that sets us apart and has for over 50 years! From routine maintenance to the most intricate tasks like compressor change outs, transmission rebuilds, and control board repairs. We tackle every job with top precision. Our dedicated team ensures that your appliances receive the gold standard of service, no matter the brand or make. Choose us for your appliance servicing needs and witness firsthand our 5 star rated service.


Appliance Repair Services We Offer

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Washing Machine Repair.

When your laundry day takes an unexpected turn, we're here to flip the script. From the classic "won't spin" to the mysterious leaks and the rebellious refusal to drain, we've got the expertise to make your washer sing again. Front load or top load, no preference – we're fluent in both. Got a noisy washer that's turning laundry time into a concert? We'll silence the drama. Agitator acting up? We're on it. Whether it's a delicate front-loader or a robust top-loader, our crew specializes in making washing machines wave goodbye to their glitches. Say hello to hassle-free laundry with our trusted washer repair services!

Clothes Dryer Repair.

If your clothes dryer throws a laundry curveball, we're the team that catches it. From convincing a stubborn dryer back to heating action to silencing those mysterious dryer noises, consider us your go-to crew for all things dryer repair. Whether it's gas or electric, we've mastered the art of troubleshooting both. No heat? We'll turn up the warmth. A noisy dryer stealing the spotlight? We'll bring back the peace. Drum feeling a bit wonky? We've got the fix. Belt doing the limbo dance? Time for a replacement. Let us handle the dryer drama so you can get back to enjoying fresh, fluffy laundry without the hassle!

Refrigerator Repair. 

We get it – a warm fridge or a leaky freezer is a kitchen emergency. Our team of tech whizzes knows the ins and outs of everything from basic fridge fixes to tackling tricky issues like compressor glitches and defrost dramas. Ice maker on strike? We'll handle it. Fridge door not sealing the deal? We'll replace it. No tech talk, just real solutions to keep your kitchen cool and your groceries happy. Think of us as your fridge's personal superheroes – we're here to save the day, one repair at a time.

Dishwasher Repair. 

When your trusty dishwasher decides to take a break, we're the squad that's got your back. From tackling the classic "not draining" dilemma to handling leaks and finicky control panels, we're the experts in dish-washing problem-solving. Our team knows the drill – dishwasher won't start? We've got the remedy. Is it playing hide and seek with your plates? No worries, we'll make sure it's back to cleaning duty. Whether it's a stubborn door latch or a moody motor, we've seen it all and fixed it all. Built-in dishwasher blues? Consider it handled. Let us bring the sparkle back to your dishwashing routine, one repair at a time!

Oven Repair.

From oven and stove hiccups to range burner quirks, we're the culinary troubleshooters you can count on. Gas or electric, it doesn't matter – we speak both languages fluently. Is your oven playing hard to get with the heat? No problem, we'll turn up the temperature. Burners acting like rebellious chefs? We'll whip them back into shape. Whether it's the heart of your kitchen, the range hood, or the precision of your induction cooktop, our expert technicians are here to ensure your cooking domain is in top-notch condition. Let's turn your kitchen into a culinary haven once again!

We Buy, Sell, Service & Repair!


Transmission Repairs. 

Has your washer been diagnosed with a bad transmission but you aren't ready to get rid of it yet? Our shop is skilled in what it takes to repair or replace the transmission in your washer. We have the specialized tools and know how to keep your unit running, no matter the complexity. 

Sealed System Repairs. 

A sealed system repair is any refrigerator repair job that involves refrigerant or freon as some people know it. This job could consist of replacing a compressor, evaporator, condenser or any of the connective tubing. If refrigerant flows through it, Sargent's is your go to repair company. We have dedicated techs that can handle this job, in home. If you have a 10 year warranty on your compressor, we can accommodate you with that as well, all you need to do is pay labor. 

Control Board Repairs.

Sometimes your appliance has a bad control board that is no longer available. In this instance, you usually need to buy a new one. Our techs are trained in being able to diagnose bad capacitors, relays, circuits and other components that can cause your control to fail and your appliance not to work. 

Same Day Service is available.

We have 3 road technicians to serve you. If you have an issue, call us and see if we can accommodate a same day service for you. Same-day service charge may apply, but not always. First come, first served. 

We Buy Used Appliances.

Are you ready to buy a home appliance? Sell us your old one. We can send someone to pick it up for. If you want to drop it off, there may be a few extra dollars in it for you. 

Top Rated Company. 

Our reviews speak for themselves. Everybody has a few bad reviews, but we learn from ours and fix what we need to to ensure a happy customer. Sometimes this means stepping back from certain things that we aren't great at, and that's ok.

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